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Benefits of Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals


Crystal therapy has been a popular topic for hundreds years and it has been used to treat body and soul in many cultures such as Ancient Egypt. In addition to their physical beauty, they were accepted as cures to various diseases and ailments. 

Crystal therapy has also been a treatment to evil eye for many years which is believed as a curse in many parts of the world, also named as nazar.

Nowadays, crystals are more popular than ever thanks to celebrities such as Adele, Kate Perry, Victoria Beckham, Gisele Bündchen who love their rocks and minerals, believing that they are healing their soul and body.


Healing Crystals

Do crystals have the power to heal the body?

First we need to look briefly to crystal history and the logic.

Crystal History

Crystals are minerals with extremely well-organized molecular structure. They are beautiful rocks, stones with unique colors and shapes. Depending on the crafters talent and choice, they can be presented as raw or polished.

There is a long history of crystals being used for well-being.

Records show that Crystals have been used for healing for 5000 years in traditional Chinese Medicine.

They are used for protection from bad luck, evil eye, nazar and well being in Great Britain for more than 10.000 years.

In Ancient Egypt, Amethyst stone was used for evil eye removal as well as mental strength amplifier. Leonardo da Vinci also used Amethyst mineral to increase his speed of thinking and creativity according to the researchers.

There are many more stones and crystals used in Egypt for medical and holistic purposes such as:

What are the benefits of Crystals?

- Citrine: Success, wealth, creativity, self trust, confidence, calms stomach

- Jade: Endurance, fertility, pureness, intelligence, wisdom, truce

- Amethyst: Healing of body and soul, great wisdom, mental power

- Turquoise: Friendship, purity, love, harmony, intelligence

- Rose quartz: Excellent communication, fertility, rehabilitation

- Garnet: Balance, wealth, prosperity, glory

- Black Tourmaline: Cleansing, purity, shields from negativity

- Hematite: Inner strength, confidence, calming

- Obsidian: Earth star Chakra, shields from negativity, block attacks

- Carnelian: Charm, concentration, remove the fears, energy booster

- Tigers Eye: Vision, courage, protection, prosperity

- Lapis Lazuli: Wisdom, creativity, calming, stress free

- Jasper: Tranquility, self-discipline, problem solving, imagination


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