Celebrities with Crystal Obssession

Celebrities with Crystal Obssession

KATY PERRY (Amethyst)

Katy Perry is a huge fan of all crystal. She has a lot of different crystals in her wardrobe. Her latest favourite crystal is Amethyst which is one of the most loved stones. In 2014 she had an interview with Cosmopolitan and told " I don't stay single for long . I carry a lot of quartz , which attracts the male. Maybe I need to calm it down with amethyst." 


Adele' favorite crystal is citrine

ADELE (Citrine)

British singer Adele's choice is citrine due to its properties like calming the nerves and giving her courage against her stage anxiety. Even tough it is hard to believe Adele has a stage fear, she loves her crystals and Citrine is her favourite choice. In one of her interviews, she told that she lost her crystals before Grammys and it was one of her worst performances.

Miranda Kerr and her quartz stone love


 Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr is another crystal fan. She loves the quartz stone, especially the clear and rose quartz. This crystal is known as energy amplifier. She shared that she is using rose quartz "to give the vibration of self-love". She has too many quartz stone all over her house and besides the rose quartz she is an amethyst lover too.


Gwyneth Paltrow loves the green jade stone

Gwyneth Paltrow (Jade)

Famous actress Gwyneth is a big fan of green jade stone. Jade is known with its benefits to fertility and endurance. Gwyneth believes this stone gives her strength as well as it is a great protector. Being in the movie business is a dynamic and tiring for her but Jade helps Gwyneth to balance her energy and always stay active.

Victoria Beckham is fan of Black Tourmaline

VICTORIA BECKHAM (Black Tourmaline)

It is well known that Victoria Beckham is a superstitious person and during her shows she gets her power from Black Tourmaline. This beautiful stone is know as a shield to negative energy as well as it has a cleansing property. Victoria Beckham has all different colors of Tourmaline stone and she always travels them and use them all around her house.




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