Finding the Right Crystal for You

Finding the Right Crystal for You

How to choose your crystals

Crystals are amazing minerals which have grown for thousands of years underground. These days, we are seeing them everyday as home decor, jewelries, accessories and even medical tools.

Actually, crystals have been used in ancient times by many civilizations for their healing purpose in addition to their physical beauty. Today people who mostly interested in healing crystals are confused because each crystal has different effect on people.

Even tough the crystals have positive effects on everyone, sometimes you may need calming crystal rather than one with an energy boosting effects.

In this article, we will focus on each crystal and their effects so that you can find the right crystal for you, your body and soul.

The Questions

Some people believe "trusting your gut" and "using your instincts" are the most important thing. Since each crystal has one more than property, your synergy with crystal may enhance that property you need.

If you would like to go into more details and learn the science behind the crystals, you need to ask the questions below to yourself, decide on your prior needs and choose your crystal according to your needs.

At the end we will be sharing a bonus quiz, which may also help you :)

Here are the main questions to determine your needs:

  • How do you feel at the moment?
    (Happy, Alone, Sad, Tired, Anxious, In danger, Stressed )
  • What do you need to be joyful?
    (Money, Friends, Health, Safety, Love, Charity, Glory, Positivity)
  • What do you care the most?
    ( Business, Family, Security, Relationships, Health, Success)
  • What do you need to feel successful?
    (Discipline, Energy, Creativity, Wisdom)
  • What do you need to feel satisfied?
    (Being Social, Leadership, Bravery, Harmony, Acceptance)

Now if you are aware of your needs, here is the properties of the crystals for you.

- Citrine: Success, wealth, creativity, self trust, confidence, calms stomach

- Jade: Endurance, fertility, pureness, intelligence, wisdom, truce

- Amethyst: Healing of body and soul, great wisdom, mental power

- Turquoise: Friendship, purity, love, harmony, intelligence

- Rose quartz: Excellent communication, fertility, rehabilitation

- Garnet: Balance, wealth, prosperity, glory

- Black Tourmaline: Cleansing, purity, shields from negativity

- Hematite: Inner strength, confidence, calming

- Obsidian: Earth star Chakra, shields from negativity, block attacks

- Carnelian: Charm, concentration, remove the fears, energy booster

- Tigers Eye: Vision, courage, protection, prosperity

- Lapis Lazuli: Wisdom, creativity, calming, stress free

- Jasper: Tranquility, self-discipline, problem solving, imagination


 The bonus quiz is here for you:)


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