How to Wash and Care your Punch Needle Products?

How to Wash and Care your Punch Needle Products?

Punch Needle products are beautiful pieces for yourselves or gifts for your loved ones. We get a lot of custom orders and feedbacks show that each product has a personal value for their owners. They are not accepted as regular products and people want to treat them carefully. In this article, we would like to help you about the cleaning and taking care of your Punch Needle products.

cat playing with punch needle yarn


How to Clean Punch Needle Products?

We use organic cotton yarns which give the soft feeling to the pillow covers, coasters, car accessories and wall hangings. These yarns are very delicate and cannot be treated with very hot water and high pressure scrub.

We precisely recommend not to wash in washing machine. Hand washing or spot washing with a water temperature below 30°C or 86°F are recommended. 

hand wash the punch needle rugs, punch needle pillows, punch needle coaster washing machine, wash in max 30 degrees

Punch Needle Products and Pets

We love all the animals. We believe they are the best friends of us. As being a cat and dog lovers, we use animal-friendly materials in our products. The yarns and fabrics are specially chosen according to our animal friends' health.

Our feedbacks show that dogs have no problems with punch needle products. They love to sleep on the rugs.

In our loop pile punch needle products, cats sharp nails sometimes might stick to our loops and they might take the loops out of the base pillow cloth if they are very sharp. We have special adhesive fabric to prevent it. But despite all our cautions, If there is an issue like this, you can simply cut that loop and since there are hundreds and thousands of loops you won't see the difference.

In our cut pile products, there is no loop so we don't experience this issue. Cats' nails won't stick and they can do whatever they want. Since all our products are custom made for you, we can either do it as cut pile or loop pile according to your request.




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