How to Punch Needle?

How to Punch Needle?

Punch needle art is an embroidery technique which is known for hundreds of years and can be seen in rugs in history.

It takes a lot of time, patience and practice however it can be done by almost everyone. For Beginners, all you need is right materials and watching a few tutorials or reading some articles. 

What materials do I need for punch needle art?

There are few basic materials for punch needle art:

  • Needle
  • Yarn
  • Cloth
  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Pattern
  • Regular Scissors

How to choose right needle for Punch Needle Art?

There are many punch needles which can be found online. The best punch needle for beginners is the model below. It has a good grip, easy adjustable length option. 

There are pile height options between 1-11 from short to long pile . We recommend you to use between 5 -11 height options. If you need a stiff product shorter loop height (5) is better. For a soft and puffy product longer loop height (11) is better. You can change the loop height easily with this punch needle. We have pillow covers with combined loop heights which gives a depth to our products and we see feedbacks are very positive: Product 1, Product 2, Product 3

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How to choose right yarn for Punch Needle Art?

We hear a lot of questions, "What kind of yarn can I use for my product?"

The best yarn for punch needle art depends on the size of your punch needle. You can use cotton, acrylic, wool yarns which have the right thickness which can go through punch needle hole. We choose cotton yarns or cotton-acrylic mix yarns which have 100 grams weight and 330 meter length. This size yarns are suitable with the punch needle above.

Cotton Acrylic yarn colorful for punch needle beginners


What kind of cloth can I use for Punch Needle Art?

Choosing the right cloth is also as important as choosing the right needle and yarn. The texture of the cloth effects your speed, loop height and final product. The cloth porosity (the void between the fabrics) has to be small so that it can hold the yarn well. Otherwise you will see failures while punching the yarn and loops won't have uniform height.

We prefer linen and duck linen in our products. Monk Cloth, Gabardin Fabric can also be preferred.

best cloth fabric for punch needle linen, duck linen, gabardine


How can I find an embroidery hoop for Punch Needle Art?

The basic embroidery hoop is a circular hoop which can easily be found in online stores. For small coaster, car coasters and wall hangings,  this hoop can be perfect. It is super easy and fast way to tighten your cloth. You can carry it everywhere, it is small and light.

We do pillow covers with sizes 14 x 20 inches, 16 x 16 inches, even custom 14 x 40 inches. That is why, we are using handmade wooden frame. It is almost same as wooden canvas frame.

Wooden Frame for Embroidery Punch needle

How to draw pattern for my design?

This is the fun part of punch needle technique. Just get a pen and paper, use your imagination and creativity. The best thing about this technique is whether your design is simple or complex it can look perfect. You can mix  your favourite colors or use only simple two colors. You can use chaotic geometric designs or do a simple face design. After drawing your design, all you need to transfer it to your cloth. Then you are ready to go !

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