Modern Punch Needle Art

Modern Punch Needle Art

What is Punch Needle Art?

Punch needle art is simply a form of embroidery. It is done with a large needle, embroidery hoop, any type fabric and your choice of yarn. Loop piles of yarns are hand tufted one by one into the fabric according to the pattern.

Other than regular embroidery techniques, Punch needle art is easy to start without any detailed background information. Even tough everyone can tuft a basic product, creating an artistic and complex item takes a lot of time and practice.

History of Punch Needle Art

Nowadays, punch needle is used in fashion, decoration and hobby areas. It is not clear how old is the punch needle art however we can see the tracks in the Ancient Egypt. In the middle ages, punch needle art technique can be seen in the rug making process.

Punch needle technique can be used in almost every products. Here are some recent popular categories:

Punch Needle Pillow Covers

punch needle hand tufted pillow cover, pillow case, cushion,

Punch Needle Coasters

Punch Needle Coaster Mug Coaster, Heart Cow Strawberry Mini Rug
Punch Needle Car Accessories

Car coaster punch needleyinyang evil eye orange
Punch Needle Magnets / Keychains / Gifts

Punch needle keychains magnets pins hair accessories gifts

Punch Needle Rugs

Punch needle rug for floor, ground rug, yin yang rug
Punch Needle Wall Hangings

wall hanging colorful heart, puzzle design wall hanging heart

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