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Material : Strong Handmade Colorful Miyuki Beads with Tarnish Resistant Chain Closure
Size is Adjustable with Extension Chain

- Turquoise Miyuki Necklace
- Purple Miyuki Necklace
- Red Miyuki Necklace
- Blue Miyuki Necklace
- White Miyuki Necklace
- Black Miyuki Necklace
- Mix Color Miyuki Necklace

Miyuki is a Japanese beadmaker known for their seed beads, delica beads, and other glass beads. They are considered very high quality and evenly sized, so they make a perfect bead .weaving material

Perfect Gift to you or your Loved ones for Anniversary, Birthday, Valentines Day, Christmas Gifts, Special Days, Mother's Day and Romantic Gifts for Celebrations

Handcrafted with Love and Passion
Each Bracelet is made of natural handmade stones so Each of them are unique in color and shape.

♥A B O U T – U S♥
-We are a small family of professionals who make the best affordable jewelries and accessories for our lovely customers. What we offer are high quality customer service, tarnish resistant thick plated items and affordable prices in contrary of expensive feel. We want to make sure you will be using your items for a long time and share our culture, inspiration and passion.